Joseph R. Colenda, III

I am committed to help businesses 

move forward by aligning their goals 

with effective business strategies 

and business solutions that will enhance their value. I am a realist and optimist who enjoys assisting people increase 

their company’s profitability. 

Cape Lookout Light House

My Great great great grandpa John R. Royal was the head light house keeper at Cape Lookout Lighthouse (Harkers Island, NC) from 1864-1869. The light house's main objective was to alert passing ships that land was near. At RJL Consulting Inc we have years of business experience that we enjoy sharing with business owners, executives and managers to assist in guiding them to make wise business decisions. 

We will assist you in taking your business to the next level

  We look forward to meeting with you and discovering ways we can team together to improve your company's profitability by adding new value and cultivating your company's core competencies. We know with the team we have at RJL Consulting Inc we are poised to potentially greatly increase your company's value. My boss (Ron Legere) like myself, has a wide range of experience which has taught us a lot. We have learned much from both our minor set backs and great successes - which we enjoy sharing with our clients. RJL Consulting Inc with your help will sharpen your strategic direction, identify growth potential, under-utilized talent, market expansion, stream lining operations, communicating how and why your company's value is going to increase and become sustainable.  Give RJL Consulting Inc a call at 252-902-8967 we are here to help.